or the hunted?

are you the hunter?

dancing queen, only 17, feel the meat on the tangerine.

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What’s a girl gotta do to impress you? I just want to be loooved.

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The scenery of Destiny

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"Chris [Evans] worked his butt off for four months—doing gymnastics, fight training, stunt training—so that he could stand in in a scene like this and then go toe to toe with Georges St-Pierre and then make it look really credible. And I think he did a fantastic job…Once the helmet comes off, 95% of this is Chris."

- Captain America: The Winter Soldier audio commentary by directors Joe and Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely
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I am going to murder you. First, we’re gonna find Grandma Rose and then… then I am going to murder you into tiny little pieces. 

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nothing is impossible when the pirates of the caribbean theme plays in the background 

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superfamily is the superwholock of the avengers fandom and no one can possibly tell me different

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I really want to do a les mis collab or art trade or something


Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!
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+ your fave is problematic: marius pontmercy


  • thought napoleon bonaparte was cool
  • talks to cabbages
  • left a 15 page letter on his love interests garden bench
  • best friend is elderly plant man
  • once wore a highly unfashionable green/black combo
  • qualified to be a lawyer (bahorel will tell u that this is v problematic) 
  • likes the smell of old mens handkerchiefs
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